TAKE CHARGE Status Reports

report1.gif REPORT 1:
Using Information to
Recognize Good Care

Good care is delivered when people get the health care they should when they need it the most.

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report2.gif REPORT 2:
Using Information to
Get Good Care

Learn what good care is and make sure you are receiving it.

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English | Spanish

report3.gif REPORT 3:
Using Information to
Give Good Care

Physicians and providers can work within the current sytem and help improve it.

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report1.gif REPORT 4:
Health Equity Report

Provides insight into the issues of health disparities in our community.

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Health Equity Brief 

report1.gif REPORT 5:
Status Report on Potentially Avoidable Hospitalizations

Details efforts to understand and create awareness of potentially avoidable hospitalizations.

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PAH Brief 

report1.gif REPORT 6:
Status Report on Efforts to Promote Healthy Eating and Active Living

Profiles of Environmental Changes, Policies, Programs and Research Designed to Reduce Childhood and Family Obesity

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 report1.gif  REPORT 7:
Status Report on Efforts to Understand and Create Awareness of Non-Urgent Emergency Department Visits

Details findings and efforts to reduce Emergency Department visits in Memphis and Shelby County.

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ED Brief 

 report1.gif  REPORT 8:
Status Report on Efforts to Improve Quality in Primary Care Practices Through HMCT’s Project Better Care

in Memphis and Shelby County, Tennessee

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other Reports

 impact_2013.jpg 2012 Annual Report

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report1.gif 2011 Annual Report
Excellent Health For All

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Stimulating Supermarket Development in Tennessee

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